this is who we are

Manchester-based brand. 

our journey began at manchester school of art manchester metropolitan university and resulted in garments being shown at London graduate fashion week.


inspired by those who don't conform to social standards or expectation, by lost voices, politics, oppression and struggle.


anyone who is shouting but not being heard.


influenced by hip hop culture and the origins of the movement where freedom of expression was fully exercised. 

a time where Fashion was experimental, customised and crucial to maintain a certain reputation or opinion. dance replaced physical fights and people supported one another amongst the destruction and violence within the towns and began to express themselves creatively on the streets. art was seen on walls, trains, clothes, with statements and messages.

changes to history being made each day by strong communities whom all have the same desire to beat the system, make a change and resist the negativity which naturally coincides with hardship and poverty.



we notice that there is a separation between the different social classes, gender, race and age and the willingness to learn and understand has  always been an accompanying differentiator.looking back in history we can relate and recognise the similarities between the past and the present. we can see who wants to be heard and then who isn't listening. 


This is what is always present in our mission, this is our muse, and this is whom we design for.

standing Together

we will seen and heard


Manchester School of Art,

Manchester Metropolitan University,

BA(Hons) Fashion


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